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What is PhotoScramble anways?  Everyone has been scrambling without me!

At www.photoscramble.com, we like to have FUN! create a contest , enter a contest and share, browse, vote

PHOTOscramble is a unique community with the tools to create and enter photos contests. A hub for photo enthusiasts, brands, corporations and non profits to hangout and engage private and public audiences. It’s a place to help friends and family win prizes from great brands and donate to a worthy cause.  PHOTOscramble has a space for everyone to have fun.

Photo Contest hosts have a lot of flexibility towards being creative.  A free photo contest can be setup in a matter of minutes with more features imaginable.  A full Feature list can be seen here.  After a photo contest is setup there are several tools available to promote the contest such as, badges, QR codes, website integration widget, social media, and email campaigns.

Who would create or enter a photo contest anyways?  Umm, just about anyone…

Corporations –  generate excitement around brand and employee engagement

Camera Clubs and Groups – Share photos, collaborate, and vote

Nonprofit Organizations –  Reach fundraising goals and spread a message

Restaurants and Eaters –  Increase customer loyalty

Universities and Education – Engage students and collaborate

What is blog.photoscramble.com in 400 words or less?

A fun place to swap tips, tricks and ideas to get the most out of your photo contest.  Learn the SEO benefits of hosting your own contest, as well as how to run a viral campaign.  Read case studies from nonprofit photo fundraiser success to corporate brand building.  Keep up to date with our contest RSS Feed and learn ways on how to put your images to work!

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