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Photo Contest Hosting – 5 Benefits for any Business or Organization

Start a Free Photo Contest Today!

There are a couple handfuls of different photo contest software and photo contest websites to choose from.  At PhotoScramble we’re happy to say that we’ve been having great success and a wonderful response from our clients.  The best part about our model for you, is that you can register your business for free.  There are many things that a photo contest can do to help promote your business.  Here’s a list of 5 that just touches the tip of the iceberg.

1)  Use a photo contest promotion as one of many free SEO techniques. The value of social sharing is actually now being looked at by the major search engines (specifically Bing) as an indicator of a valuable site, and is included in the most recent and always changing search engine algorithms.  By nature, PhotoScramble photo contests promote sharing, as entrants work to increase the vote count for their image submissions through multiple social media platforms, most notably Facebook.

2)  Giving consumers a voice is one way to initiate customer/fan engagement. The more interaction a client or potential client has with your brand, the more they feel a part of what you’re doing.  That, in turn makes staying loyal to your brand more likely.  Voting in photo contests is one way to increase that sense of involvement with your brand that modern customers are craving.  When a fan or client votes, they are speaking up for what they like, believe in, or feel deserves the most credit.  You can’t complain about the outcome if you don’t get involved.

3)  Keeping people tuned in. When you’re hosting fun promotions, giving away prizes and allowing people a distraction from their every day activities, you’re offering something of value.  When people don’t know what to expect from you, they’ll stay tuned to see what’s coming next.  Photo contests are one of the “what’s next” that you can offer.  Don’t forget to also explore other ideas to promote your brand.

4)  Increase Website Traffic. During the time of your contest, website traffic will inevitably increase. With PhotoScramble’s current model, the contest exists on our domain, but we provide a back link  to your website so that our site visitors can check out your services while browsing our contest offerings.  Another bonus, is that natural search for your “brand” or company name will increase if you use your company name in the title of your contest.  As it spreads around the web, people will naturally Google your company name to see what you’re all about.

5)  Use a photo contest to make an occasional important decision.  Logo and design competitions can be an amazing (and affordable) way to see what the public thinks about logo or design options.  Doesn’t it make sense to actually build and implement what people that you are marketing to actually like?  We’re not saying it has to be your main logo that the public gets to design and vote on,  but who knows – maybe it should be.  Other ideas are design for specific campaign graphics or T-Shirts that your organization will feature.  Be creative and think outside the box about how your company can get your fan base involved in your processes whenever possible.  It just might pay dividends later.

Is that enough convincing?  Good.  O.K. check us out or contact us today!

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