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Need Holiday Promotions Ideas? Try a Holiday Photo Contest!

Coming up with unique business promotional strategies can be a challenge to say the least.  Add in the hustle & bustle of the holidays and you’re now faced with a time crunch as well.  Most business owners know this scenario well, and they also know these factors are no excuse to let up on marketing efforts; for some, it may be the most important time to market their product in a unique & engaging way. PhotoScramble has the answer for your holiday promotions conundrum!

As we look outside the window from our corporate headquarters in Traverse City, MI, the familiar reds, oranges and yellows of another fall season fill our pupils with delight.  When we step outside, the crisp air reminds us that this stage will pass quickly, leading into another Northern Michigan Winter – unique in so many ways.  Between now and then there are a few themes that can easily be incorporated into any business photo contest promotion.  Taking advantage of these opportunities is key.

A fall photo contest is one way to start, while adding a Halloween photo contest twist could be a great way to increase customer engagement.  As the season progresses, Christmas photo contests are the perfect way to bring in the joy & good tidings that come along with our most popular holiday.  The angles you could approach these contests with are almost unlimited.

Try offering a valuable online gift certificate to your web-store as a way to get people to participate.  This gives the customer a chance to feel involved in your company & have a chance at “winning” some of their Christmas shopping money at the same time.  If they don’t win, who knows, maybe they had their eyes on a great gift from your site and will purchase it anyway.  Find a way to relate the theme of the contest back to your organization.  For example, if you sell camping gear online, try hosting a “Holiday Gear Shots” photo contest.  Show us photos of you & your family using your gear throughout the camping season.  Photo submission with the most votes gets a $250 gift certificate to buy Dad some new gear for Christmas!  You can spin it any way you like; remember to keep it relevant and use the holidays to your advantage…good luck!

How to drive traffic to your website with Relevant Content

Just when we think we had a handle on all of the SEO/SEN and other content keywords need to get visitors to our site, we find out  that Google changed  the rules.

Instead of worrying about links and meta tags, now Google will rank websites that contain relevant content,  but just what is relevant content?

Relevant content is text.
Search Engines love quality relevant content. Readers “read” photos and graphics; search engine spiders crawl right past them. So under that photo or graphic include a caption explaining what’s in it. Adding a Contest, is a great way to  engage both your customer and the search engine spiders.

Relevant content is new  and frequent.
Search engine spiders are demanding creatures. They want original, relevant content to list for their readers–and lots of it. Provide original content with accuracy and frequency about topics readers search for, and your posts will be born relevant.  You can see what your customers are searching for by using the free service of Google Analytics.

Relevant content is formatted.
When your document follows a structured format, a search engine can follow how topics relate. Relationships between topics establish that keywords aren’t just mentioned–they are connected and relevant.

Relevant content is linked–Links in, links out, and links to yourself are relevant.
Spiders crawl the web by following links. Links draw spiders to related pages from blog to blog and within your blog. Connections in content are relevant.

Relevant content is error free and accessible.

Don’t make the mistake with open HTML tags, gross errors in spelling and unnecessary plug-in that trips the spiders. Promote your website in relevant places like social networking sites, forms and blogs:

Think of it this way:

Relevant Content  = More  Traffic
Traffic = Visitors
Visitors = Leads
Leads = Clicks
Click = Buyer
Buyer = Profits