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Photo Contest setup

Bare Bones – Photo Contest Setup

Required Items

  1. Contest Title (this will be in the contest URL, choose wisely)
  2. Contest Description
  3. Web site address (If you don’t have a website address you can use social media profiles such as Facebook, Pinterest, etc)
  4. Contest Start and End Dates
  5. Voting Start and End Dates
  6. Prize Award Date
  7. Prize Description
  8. Rules

Optional configuration

  1. Voting – Once per hour/day/contest
  2. Allow non member voting
  3. Photo Approval – Approve Photo Entries before they are public

 Optional Items

  1. Contest graphic 150×150 (Highly Recommend)
  2. Banner image 728×90 (Free Level – Not available)
  3. Sponsor Graphic 180×150 – 12 Max (Free Level – Not Available)
  4. Judge Start and End Dates – (Free Level – Not available)
  5. Judge Criteria – (Free Level – Not available)
  6. Assign Judges to Contest – (Free Level – Not available)
  7. Restrict photo entry and voting to an exclusive list. (Free Level – Not available)
  8. Fees – Entry and voting (Free Level – Not available)

Features Provided by PhotoScramble

  1. Photo Contest Slideshow
  2. Unlimited Participants
  3. website badge
  4. QR Code
  5. Multi contest listing

To a see a complete features list visit http://blog.photoscramble.com/features/ or create a free photo contest at www.photoscramble.com


Photoscramble.com Launches Innovative Tools for Nonprofits – How do you Fundraise?

Engage supporters and create fun photo contests fundraisers.

Traverse City, MI (PRWEB) January 14, 2013

There has never been a better time to fundraise in a new way.  PhotoScramble has launched an easy way for nonprofits to create a photo contest fundraiser. Replace solicitation phone calls and mailings, with the ability to receive donations based on photo entries and voting.  PhotoScramble has several revolutionary features available to promote the contest including site badges, QR codes, a website integration widget, and social media to share the fundraiser and give it the kick start it needs.

Today, more pictures are taken than any time in history.  PhotoScramble has used that fact to develop tools necessary for nonprofits to easily create a successful photo based fundraiser.  Each photo contest has the ability to be customized to fit the unique needs of the contest host – from contest title, contest description, rules, website address, graphics, photo entry dates, voting dates, prize award dates and most importantly, donations based on entry and/or votes. Other leading-edge features included are the ability to share an individual photo with social media, daily contest recaps, image statistics, image exif data, and winners based on judging and/or voters. Some of the most innovative features include: sellable add space for up to 14 sponsors, banner space, contest graphic space, contest statistics, and the ability to publically share contests in multiple locations, including the high traffic site of www.photoscramble.com.

When it’s time to host this year’s fundraiser, give PhotoScramble a try.  Not only is it fun, but it can be left online for others to see after the contest has completed. For the Love of Cats is an excellent example at: http://www.photoscramble.com/contests/glamour-puss-photo-contest. Take advantage of no daily fees and reach donation goals the New Way. Engage members to share photos and have fun.

PhotoScramble and their sister companies are global SaaS providers for over 10 years that have created an interactive approach to make fundraisers more appealing and interactive. Based in Traverse City, MI, USA, it is the mission of PhotoScramble to create a fun way for nonprofits to engage its donors, while providing the necessary tools to easily spread organizations unique causes and messages.  For more information about PhotoScramble or to get started creating a photo contest fundraiser go to www.photoscramble.com

Source: http://www.prweb.com/releases/2013/1/prweb10307090.htm

New Photo Contest Features coming soon

  • Photo Approval – Approve Photo Entries before they are public and avoid the hassle of images taken up space in your email
  • Create from Previous Contest – Select this option to save time when creating a new contest.
  • Scramble Alerts – Instant photo contest notifications based on your photography interests
  • Show and Tell –  Looking for advice or have an amazing image you would like to share? Show us your best shot.
  • Create a Portfolio – Show the world your photos and get ready for the next photo contest. Setup your Free member profile today?
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