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Hosting your own photo contest fundraiser

If you host an annual Photo Contest your theme may be already established or simply needs to be spiced up for the New Year.  If this year’s Photo Contest Fundraiser is something new, please take this opportunity to have fun with your volunteers dreaming up a theme that will reach your supporters. Whether new or a veteran to our platform, this post is simply a way to help you successfully create a photo contest promoting your cause.  You don’t have to be an expert to use our software, however reading this will Continue reading Hosting your own photo contest fundraiser

Worlds longest list of photo contest ideas

Happy 95th Birthday!
Taken by: Michele
We are compiling a huge list of photo contest ideas and themes. Our members are always creating new photo contests, any input for this page is much appreciated.   As always, if you need help creating a successful photo contest or fundraiser shoot us a line or give us a ring.  We are here to help. Thanks for visiting our blog and checking out our photo contest platform out.
  1. A Stich in Time
  2. A Storm Is Coming
  3. Abstract – Grand Valley State University Geology Department took full advantage of creating an Abstract Photo contest.   Many of us don’t realize just how many great patterns that surround us.  Geology is packed full of patterns ranging from  photomicrography’s, satellite images and natural landscapes.  This is a way Geology Students share their perspective around the globe.
  4. Adventure
  5. Love
  6. Sharing
  7. Holiday Greetings
  8. Santa Clause
  9. Angel Eyes
  10. April Showers
  11. Color Tour
  12. Architecture
  13. Art in your Heart (capture what art means to you)
  14. Artist
  15. Art
  16. Reflections
  17. Texture
  18. Urban
  19. Ultraviolet
  20. Astrology
  21. Bad Picture
  22. Bad Weather hair
  23. Becoming Part of the Earth
  24. Beer Can Photo Contest
  25. Best Cat
  26. Best Dog
  27. Best Fingernail Designs
  28. Best Selfie – Worst Selfie
  29. Best Snowman
  30. Best Snow Angel
  31. Cutest Kid Contest
  32. Biggest Smile Contest
  33. Best Dogs and Handler team
  34. Best Doll House
  35. Best Drag
  36. Best Family Fan Photo
  37. Best Kiss – Most Passionate kiss
  38. Best Music Photography shot
  39. Best painted cow – China’s Yunnan province holds a painted cow contest every year- Thought it was a cool idea
  40. Best Photo out of a Car
  41. Best Photo out of a Train
  42. Best Photo out of Airplane Window
  43. Best Places to go camping before you die
  44. Best Sign
  45. Best Solar Power Swap
  46. Best Tree Fort
  47. Big Foot
  48. Birds
  49. Black and White Abstract
  50. cars
  51. Vintage
  52. Action
  53. Bridge Over Troubled Water
  54. Cabin Fever
  55. Childhood
  56. Children
  57. Coolest bird feeder – bath
  58. Close calls – Just Missing Danger
  59. Color of Life
  60. Concerts
  61. Contradictions
  62. Costume Contest
  63. Ugly Kitchen Contest
  64. Crazy Sign Photo Contest
  65. Summer Fun
  66. Crazy eyes
  67. Creepy-Crawlies
  68. Darkest street
  69. Digital Alterations
  70. Dirtiest Carpet
  71. Documentary
  72. Down on the Farm
  73. Emotions
  74. Events
  75. Faces
  76. Family
  77. Fashion
  78. Father’s Day Photo contest
  79. Fire
  80. Fireworks
  81. Fishing Lures
  82. Flower Power
  83. Food (what’s on your table)
  84. Food Photography
  85. Frozen In Time
  86. Frozen Water
  87. Fungus among us
  88. Game Room
  89. Get Boxed In
  90. Go Fish – Show us your business card
  91. Graffiti
  92. Halloween Costume Contest
  93. How to choose the Perfect Engagement Ring
  94. Humor
  95. Hung Over
  96. Hung Up
  97. I am an Entrepreneur Photo Competition
  98. I am here – Photo Contest
  99. It’s Hip To Be Square
  100. Kids Eating Ice Cream
  101. Kiss Cam
  102. Large Places
  103. Life Downtown
  104. Life’s a Beach (Playing in our waters)
  105. Little Baby Butt
  106. Locked Doors
  107. Locks
  108. Metal World
  109. Minimalist
  110. Midair shots
  111. Mirrors
  112. Nature up Close
  113. Newborns
  114. Nursery Rhymes
  115. Old School
  116. Old VS New
  117. Oldest most run down tennis shoes or high heels that you just can’t throw away!
  118. Oldest worn out purse that you just can’t throw away!
  119. Patriotic
  120. Promote Good Health Living
  121. Vacation
  122. Sharing
  123. Black and White Film
  124. Patterns
  125. People on phones
  126. Peoples Choice
  127. People in Nature
  128. Pet Contests
  129. Pumpkin Carving Contest
  130. Animals
  131. Pets in Hats
  132. Photos Of Photos
  133. Rain Photo Contest
  134. Rainbows
  135. Red (photo something that has red)
  136. Re-shoot This Idea
  137. Rocks
  138. Saskatch
  139. Scary Clouds – Amazing Skies
  140. Science Photo Contest -(when art are meets science)
  141. Seasonal change
  142. Seasons
  143. Self Portrait
  144. Shadows
  145. Shapes
  146. Show Us Greed – Gluttony
  147. Small places
  148. Smooth as Glass
  149. Snow and Ice
  150. Something Bad About To Happen
  151. Something Old-Something New
  152. Sounds ( can you hear the noise in the photo)
  153. Source of Live
  154. Sticky Stuff
  155. Stone Walls
  156. Street Stories
  157. Strength in numbers – (sharing objects in numbers *hint*)
  158. Take your best shot
  159. Textures
  160. The art of Nature
  161. The Best summer Photo Contest
  162. The Edge Of Civilization
  163. The Family
  164. The human hand contest
  165. The Line of Perfection
  166. The Right Place At the Right Time
  167. The Ties That Blind
  168. The Water’s Edge
  169. Things Seen In The Park
  170. Things to do before you die
  171. Top Of The World
  172. Traces of Smoke
  173. Trains
  174. Tree Of Life
  175. UFO (fake)
  176. Underwater
  177. Urban Decay
  178. Water in Focus
  179. We’re In This Together
  180. Well Beaten Path
  181. What love looks like
  182. What makes you feel energized?
  183. What’s In Your Refrigerator
  184. Wild Faces
  185. Wild Places
  186. Wine Country
  187. Winter Blues
  188. Young at heart
  189. Your so hot, you don’t even need to wear a winter coat
Now you have all these ideas, start working on your own free photo contest at  www.photoscramble.com .  Most importanlty be creative and have fun.